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Rep. Kagan: the U.S. colonies must heed the crown

Mad as Hell? More like MAD AS HATTER! What ho! Did they have incorrect history books over there?

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I'm sorry, did you HEAR the question?

Did Governor Bill Ritter once offer the Lieutenant Governor spot to Andrew Romanoff?

When asked recently about the Lt. Governor position, Romanoff actually ignores the question completely.

Makes you wonder what the appointed Senator is thinking . . .

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Your Global Warming Insurance bill is DUE!

"We need to pay a little global warming insurance," says the speaker in the video below, touting low-carbon vehicles.

Write a blank check to President Obama, care of the Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen. What do you want to bet it will be matched by anyone in China or India?

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If Sen. Bennet has his way, he'll legislate into next century

U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet of Colorado claims he's helping make legislative decisions for 100 years.

2009 + 100 = 2109

Psssst . . . Senator, aren't you actually making the case for term limits when you are legislating past the typical human life span?

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Gov. Ritter on the perils of Web video

First up, Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter telling law students at the University of Denver about the difficulties of governance in a climate where not everyone agrees, but everyone is watching. Shocker! This government stuff is HARD!

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