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U.S. Senate candidate Romanoff on where "good ideas" go to die.

Former Colorado House Speaker Andrew Romanoff says the U.S. Senate is where good ideas go to die. As if the idea of a "Carbon Tax" was going to get anywhere close!! Not because of "big business" but because even if it made sense the economics don't work.

Of course, if there's anything dying it's Romanoff's campaign - right on the Colorado vine. And NO WONDER!

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One public option: Replace Democratic incumbents

I'll be the first one to support the Democratic Party civil war over health care.

Where do I send a check?

I'm actually looking forward to having a Colorado Congressman from whom I can get Internet dating advice.

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With birthday wishes for Michael Huttner!

Drumroll please! Ladies and Gentlemen, THIS is PROGRESS NOW! Thank you Denvah! (...Applause!!) Happy 40th birthday, Michael - and many more.

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The Ken Salazar wind machine

U.S. Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar goes Copenhagen, touring an off-shore Danish wind farm and foretelling a "flowering of wind energy" along the Atlantic Coast of the U.S.

Here's a less pretty, but more telling, video of U.S. Rep. Doug Lamborn of Colorado grilling Salazar about "tilting at windmills."

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Gov. Ritter: the Candy Tax Man

More like the Grinch. This is a prime example of Democrats pushing a clear TAX INCREASE without the approval of Colorado voters. Wonder if he wants more for a $100,000 bar? Watch out for your candy canes!

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The People Like "Freedom" more than "Complexity"

People at a health care forum on Oct. 17 cheered at Congressman Mike Coffman's "Freedom" and jeered at Congresswoman Diana DeGette's "Complex." Yes Congresspeople, people like the freedom to make their own choices and don't like complicated government-run programs.

This might be why activists are planning Code Red rallies on Tuesday.

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A Climategate Christmas

In the spirit of the season (that is, the Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen) please enjoy "It's a Climategate Christmas" from those chilly folks at Minnesotans for Global Warming.

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