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Medical marijuana: a head-scratcher for Gov. Ritter

Pity Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter. With a struggling economy, his own flawed leadership and an electorate tepid about his re-election bid, Ritter's 2010 will include this hornet's nest: regulation of medical marijuana.

Here's a video of Ritter at a town hall meeting in Idaho Springs in October. The clip begins with a reference to the medical-marijuana state ballot issue approved by voters in 2000.

At the end of his answer, a woman asks, "Is there a movement to legalize it, period?"

"I don't think, uh, not anyone that I've heard about," Ritter replies.

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Medical marijuana: a growing family

Jason Irwin is reportedly grossing $5,000 A DAY growing and selling medical marijuana in Colorado, a state facing a purple haze of regulatory questions. Here's the lung-warming tale of a boy and his mom, harvesting the American dream...

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ObamaCare: Share the Hair

The deed done, the U.S. Senate today passed a health care bill that has little to do with HEALTH, crafted without CARE for unintended consequences, but would result in a huge BILL - to pay. For a quick view of what's really happening in Washington, check out this video...

And here's what true health care reform might look like.

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TABOR is the devil (NOT)

At the very end of this video shot in Maine, former State of Colorado Senate President Joan Fitz-Gerald appears to say that TABOR is "fundamentally anti-democratic government because you're not letting people do the jobs they were elected to do."

Wait, a Constitutional change that is voted on by a majority of Coloradans to limit the power of their government is fundamentally anti-democratic? I can't think of anything that is actually more democratic than that.;=related

Fitz-Gerald recently was appointed the new head of America Votes, but why should America vote on ballot issues, if they're anti-democratic?

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Governing is HARD! But not nearly as hard as small business

At a town hall meeting in Idaho Springs in October, Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter was questioned about the state's hiring during the down economy. Ritter said his direction to state agencies was to run like small businesses do.

Dear Governor Ritter: Small Businesses run on fumes with employees and owners who put in 18 (or more) hours a day for YEARS to make it work. The business owners agonize about the decisions that affect themselves and their employees. NO WONDER small business owners and employees (the majority of employees in CO) are offended by the growth of government during hard economic times. To spin it as modeled after small business is so disconnected as to be laughable. It is painfully obvious that you've never owned a small business - maybe you'll feel differently come November when you're looking for a job.

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Girl Power: DeGette wanted a woman . . . how about Norton?

A year ago, U.S. Rep. Diana DeGette said it was "ridiculous" that Colorado had never had a woman as U.S. Senator or Governor. DeGette was talking about herself and other women in regard to the open U.S. Senate seat at the time (later filled by Michael "Doogie" Bennet), but somewhere in the world Jane Norton is smiling.

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I can't afford Obama, Ritter, Udall & Bennet

A sign of the times in Lake County, Colorado, near Leadville. The sign adds a "t" to the name of appointed U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet - a misspelling or is the extra "t" for taxes?

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