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Hickenlooper: I'm just like Obama!

If you like how Barack Obama has run his presidency, you'd love John Hickenlooper as governor of Colorado.

That's our take on an interview the Denver mayor gave in 2008, prior to the Democratic National Convention, in which he said of presidential candidate Obama, "He’s running on a national level exactly what I did locally, right?"

It's worth hearing Hickenlooper tie himself tightly to Obama THEN, because we guess you'll hear a much looser version NOW when Hickenlooper travels Colorado to meet independent-minded voters. Those voters may be rightly suspicious (given the past year's events in Washington, D.C.) of someone like Hickenlooper who said he ran "on change, on transparency, no backroom deals" and connected that to "the stuff that Barack Obama's talking about."

Hickenlooper's interview by Robert Struckman, including the exchange below, is at NewWest.Net.

NW: Has Obama’s candidacy...proved any theories you have about the West...and if so what were they?

Hickenlooper: He’s running on a national level exactly what I did locally, right? I came in without really what most people would say was the requisite experience. I had never run for elected office at all. Denver is one of the, in terms of big city mayors, is one of the strongest mayor systems in the country. If the City Council wants to change one line item of my budget, they need a super majority....Usually, you’ve got to be a pretty seasoned political warrior to win a campaign like that.

But I ran on change, on transparency, no backroom deals. I ran on attracting talented people to government and making it accountable. It’s all very similar to the stuff that Barack Obama's talking about. It’s just a new way of doing things, not using the same old, tired models. And I think that his success in the West isn’t surprising. I mean, people out here are looking for new ideas.

The audio of the interview is at with the Obama section beginning at 13:43. [You may need to refresh link after loading.]

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