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Hickenlooper: "Transit is the new black. It's hip."

Watch Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper in this video (from the climate change conference in Copenhagen, of course!!!) tout the wonders of FasTracks and describe transit as "the new black. It's hip."

Look here Hickenscooter . . . I am not going to take advice from you as to what's fashionable. You are a lot of things, but "hip" is not one of them.

The proposed 119-mile rail line project in metro Denver (which the mayor helped sell to voters in 2004) looks more like the NEW RED, as in TAXPAYER BAILOUT that may require $2.5 billion more to complete.

Stay until the end of the video to get an added bonus: Hickenlooper on the urgency of climate change.

(How's this message for Hickenlooper as he runs for governor of Colorado: Vote for me. I'll increase your taxes for mass transit. And fight climate change!)

"There's always a group on the periphery of any issue, especially an issue that's got serious amounts of money tied to the solution, that are going to wave their arms and say, 'It's a hoax. It's phony.' But the vast majority of people in Denver recognize that climate change is a real problem.

"It's going to be something that's going to get worse and worse until we face up and address it. And I think that recognition grows a little bit every week, every month. There's more people that say, 'You know. This is a big deal. This is a big deal.' All the naysayers and skeptics, they get some attention, but I don't think they're persuading people, in their heart of hearts; they know, all right, we've been listening to them for a while. It's about time we started getting to work on this."

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