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"Nickel and diming the citizens of Colorado to death"

Gov. Bill Ritter's proposals to end a range of tax exemptions and credits is revealing the economic incoherence of some Democrats, for whom there is always a reason to raise taxes and never enough money.

Rep. Jack Pommer, Democrat of Boulder, disdained industry objections that repealing a 2.9 percent sales tax exemption on soda and candy could result in job losses.

"If it's a 'Pass this bill and we're going to shoot the puppy' kind of a deal, well then I guess that's somebody's negotiating tactic," said Pommer during a House Appropriations Committee hearing on Wednesday. "But there is no way that if you can sell small, medium and large [fountain sodas] for the same price; if you can charge anywhere from 90 cents to two dollars for a bottle of soda; you can offer it on sale; offer free refills; that this 2.9 percent tax is going to have any effect on sales, at all."

Rep. Kent Lambert, Republican of Colorado Springs, later introduced some reality to the discussion. "I think this falls into the category of all these taxes that are literally nickel and diming the citizens of Colorado to death. All our consumers are sick and tired of this."

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