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Sen. Bennet - Carbon tax? Cap and Trade? Here's a tip: NONE OF THE ABOVE!

In this video, appointed U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet discusses meeting with environmentalists in Fort Collins, all of whom appeared to support a carbon tax.

"'Is there anybody that will take the other side of this argument?'" Bennet recalled asking. "And nobody would, which I misinterpreted as consensus that the carbon tax was the right thing, because we sort of moved on."

Alas, someone bravely stepped up to object, with the OTHER SIDE consisting of (wait, wait) CAP AND TRADE.

"I'm still trying to come to a conclusion about what mechanism is the one that will be the most effective," Bennet said, during the town hall meeting in Highlands Ranch. "I do think it's very important that we move ahead on our energy...climate legislation because the rest of the world has been waiting for us to make up our minds."

If Bennet's lockstep support of Pres. Obama's bloated health-care reform didn't put an end to his brief stay in the Senate, this type of enviro-advocacy should seal the deal with Colorado's electorate.

A Pew Research poll out this week of 1,504 adults found more than 80 percent of respondents ranked the "economy" and "jobs" and "terrorism" as top priorities. Health care was at 57 percent and global warming was WAAAAAY down the list at 28 percent.

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