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A Colorado tax trap for "excessive pay"

A few money quotes from the recent "Strike a Better Balance" rally on the Colorado statehouse steps...

$$$ "We must storm that ballot box and we must unshackle our legislators so they can provide the funding our schools deserve." - Karen Mortimer, PTSA president, Whittier Elementary School

$$$ "Employment should be protected in every sector, including public workers." - Sammantha O'Brien, Metro State College student

$$$ "A quality education is at least as important as low taxes, if not more so." - O'Brien

What goes along with such thinking is, of course, are NEW SCHEMES such as House Bill 1263, with 18 Democratic legislators signing on.

"This bill will limit the amount corporations deduct from their taxes for salaries they pay in excess of $250,000 a year," explained Carol Hedges of the Colorado Fiscal Policy Institute. "Now, be clear, it doesn't limit what corporations can pay. But it does limit how much the cost of that excessive pay they can transfer to us as taxpayers."

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