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Gov. Ritter: why I voted for Michael Bennet

Michael Bennet was "heads and shoulders above the rest of the crowd" for the U.S. Senate seat appointment in 2009, Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter said at a recent campaign event for Bennet in Denver.

"I had an enviable position, in many respects, because it was an embarrassment of riches, a lot of great candidates," Ritter said of his selection process. "But I appointed Michael Bennet and I did it for a reason. I did it because I believe this country is at a time of great transformation, whether you talk about health care or education or energy issues. There are a variety of things that we could look at in the public policy circle and say: We need people who are thoughtful, we need people who are intelligent, we need people who are inspired in their own vision about what this country should become. And Michael Bennet was heads and shoulders above the rest of the crowd because he has that vision, he has that transformational way of thinking."

We're not sure what Democratic Party primary voters will make of that high-minded endorsement from the lame-duck governor, but former House Speaker Andrew Romanoff has TRANSFORMED Ritter's coronation of Bennet (who has never run for office) into a populist fight for the nomination.

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