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Hickenlooper's "mental" recession: a gaffe or a talking point?

When Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper said "a recession like this really is driven by people's mental state" and then backtracked, apologists for the Democratic gubernatorial candidate would like you to believe he misspoke or that it's taken out of context or that it's partly true.

More to the point, it apparently reflects the way Hickenlooper THINKS about the economy. Check out this video from a public forum in June 2009 at which Hickenlooper discusses the city budget. (h/t ColoradoPols)

Hickenlooper addresses the need for trust between citizens and their city government. And then says...

"And ultimately, that trust, that belief - and I think the word 'believe' here is very powerful - is what's going to help us work our way out of the recession; the notion that we are transparent and accountable, that we are making decisions that are relevant and appropriate for each of these situations and issues.

"Without a question, this country and this world has the same capacity to make steel, to produce concrete, to build buildings and enterprises that we had a year ago, right? What we've lost is that faith, that ability to believe. I think part of our doing this is to work harder at getting closer to our citizens, hearing more clearly what they are telling us and then trying to deliver on this."

It's almost identical to what Hickenlooper said in his interview with David Sirota on AM-760 last week...
"We have no less capacity today to make concrete or steel, or to create jobs and have businesses grow than we did three years ago. What we lost was the belief in ourselves and our confidence that we, you know, could have a system that works."

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