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Mayor Hickenlooper in 2009 on solar power

Make Colorado "the number one solar energy state" in America. So said Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper at a green jobs rally at the statehouse in February 2009.

[The full quote, at :54 of the video: "So, as mayor of Denver, I commit our city will work with the metro area - and I think I can speak for the entire metro mayor's caucus - and we will work with the rest of the state to make sure that we do have a comprehensive plan and we make this state the number one solar energy the United States of America."]

Now that Hickenlooper is running for governor, we're eager to hear if his view remains the same; if so, how he plans to accomplish that via policy and/or taxpayer subsidies; and how his thinking on renewables differs (or not) from the "New Energy Economy" of Gov. Bill Ritter.

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