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"No Nukes," "Health Care" and other Democratic myths

What's going on behind the scenes as President Obama hashes out health care policy at Blair House today during a live webcast?

"After a brief period of consultation following the White House health reform summit, congressional Democrats plan to begin making the case next week for a massive, Democrats-only health-care plan, party strategists told POLITICO," Mike Allen reported.

Ahhh, "bipartisanship."

What will happen on the floor of the Senate if Democrats maneuver to pass elements of a $950 billion health care plan through a "reconciliation" process that defuses a potential Republican filibuster?

Five years ago, when the Republicans controlled the Senate and tried, as described by The Washington Post, "to disallow the use of filibusters" it was a very different story - and termed the "nuclear option."

See for yourself!

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