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Romanoff ad - All that's missing is the laugh track!

Andrew Romanoff launches a long, uncomfortably dorky ad that implies that U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet (or is that some other Senator? - couldn't they get Doogie?) is in the pocket of big moneyed interests.

The e-mail announcing the video, "The Best Senator Money Can't Buy," even has a helpful link to Bennet's contributions from political action committees, totaling more than $600,000. Romanoff has said he won't accept PAC money.

Buuuuut, of course, unemployed people are certainly less likely to make political contributions. Aaaand, if you look at the link most of the PAC contributions are well under the limit an individual may contribute. Pesky businesses interested in growing market share and employing the people! Drat!! Not to worry - no one with anything better to do would stick around for 2 minutes of this, that's for sure.

Six months to a Colorado primary that most Dems never wanted...all we need here is a laugh track!

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