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SHOCK! Amazon is a business; stunned Dem lawmaker FREAKS OUT!

Check out unhinged Colorado Senate Majority Leader John Morse, getting revved up over Amazon's decision to drop its Colorado affiliates after Morse and his cohorts jammed through an Internet sales-tax collection plan.

"I spent many years as a police officer and I have not seen such tyranny, such egregiousness, such retaliation, especially from a corporate customer that makes in excess of $900 million a year," fumed Morse.

It's infuriating, isn't it, when profit-making businesses act rationally to protect their interests? If only they would bow to the whims of state legislators and do as they're told. Ha!

When last we checked in with Morse, he was happily downing Mountain Dew, not so worried about the 2.9 percent soda-and-candy tax he and his colleagues had imposed.

This time, however, it's personal, with Morse pledging to turn off his prized Amazon Kindle and buy an Apple iPad. LOL! I bet they don't miss him.

What WILL be missed? The revenue generated for these partner companies. This means jobs in Colorado. Did anyone notice that John didn't mention WHY Amazon decided to do this? Perhaps because of the COST to them to fulfill this requirement? This is a business decision, plain and simple. If there's tyranny (ok - it's more like rank incompetence) it's in the Dem controlled state legislature. Watch carefully to see what other major players decide to do in light of Amazon's leadership. Now back to ordering online...

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