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Candidate Hickenlooper and the limits of talking change

When John Hickenlooper ran for mayor of Denver in 2003, he exploited a pocketbook issue in a very clever way.

"The city raised our parking rates and now, shoppers are going elsewhere, business is suffering and tax revenues are down," was Hickenlooper's voiceover in a campaign ad as he walked the street, making change for citizens to plug parking meters - and even plugging one himself.

Now running for governor of Colorado, Hickenlooper is eager to portray himself again as businessman to the rescue.

Just one problem: seven years of governing Denver and a track record that can be examined against his rhetoric.

"Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper said Thursday that it's 'crazy' to raise fees or taxes when government revenues are down, but his 2010 budget raised fees and fines in the city by at least $5.1 million annually," The Denver Post reported today.

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