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Excuse me, Sen. Bennet, how about the STOP SPENDING ACT?

Appointed U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet of Colorado is quite the self-styled redecorator of Washington, D.C., but he's picking out color swatches while the building burns down.

Today, he's announcing a whole set of reforms to ban lobbying by former members of Congress and even change the filibuster rule so that 55 (rather than 60) Senators must agree to end debate and vote on legislation. (But why not 54 or 53 or 52 or 51 or 50 or 49....oh, never mind.)

"This place does feel like 'Alice in Wonderland'," Bennet said on The Rachel Maddow Show. "It doesn't make any sense."

[Video is queued up to Bennet's comments at 7:40.]

He wants hundreds of billions of bailout money being paid back to go toward reducing the federal debt. That's a nice gesture, but considering that the federal debt is $12.5 trillion, it's like bailing out a boat that's under water.

He backed the Pay-Go legislation only to bypass it (along with his colleagues) for a $15 billion jobs bill.

Senator, please introduce the STOP SPENDING ACT and then VOTE AGAINST spending bills. That makes the most sense.

[Updated 3/4/10 to correct citation of federal debt.]

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