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Hickenlooper: Bennet "can't be that moderate and still have a happy life."

Another gem from Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper's remarks at the Colorado Environmental Coalition's "Rebel with a Cause" gala in May 2009, this one regarding his former chief of staff (and fellow Wesleyan University alum), U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet of Colorado.

Hickenlooper was describing [at 4:06 of the video above] how activists could and should push "moderates," a category in which Hickenlooper placed himself.

"And that's what you are, in many ways, you have to push us moderates further to the extreme. And I realize when you spank me or you spank [U.S. Interior Secretary] Ken Salazar that’s really what your doing. But don’t hit so hard sometimes.

"And recognize, recognize that we do have a remarkable new senator, Michael Bennet. Right? Who’s gonna be a moderate, right? But don’t forget that his wife (Susan Daggett) was an environmental lawyer for many many years. She used to run Earthjustice and has done remarkable work under the radar for many people. But he can’t be that moderate and still have a happy life. So, whatever you might be [disconcerted] about, you know, let him, give him kind of a couple, a little slack for a little bit of time, knowing that he will always come back to the right decision."

I'm all for the men recognizing we're the ones who are in charge, but this is taking it a little far.


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