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Hickenlooper getting LIT UP by marijuana activist

The battle over regulation of medical marijuana in Denver is firing up pro-marijuana activist Miguel Lopez to call out Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper.

"No Mayor Hickenritter!" Lopez shouted through a bullhorn during a protest Monday outside the Denver City and County Building. "No Governor Hickenritter!"

Seems not all Dems are "buds" with the mayor after all!

"We're going to be strong at the mayor's campaign for governor, voicing and making sure that at his campaigns our voice is going to be heard, you can let him know that," Lopez said. "We're not going to be disruptive or create chaos or disorder, but he's not our friend. I'm embarrassed that he's a Democrat. I think it's just a friendly face for the businessman that he truly is. And he's never taken a position on anything - on immigration, on marijuana. His position has always been, it's good to see people out practicing their First Amendment right, and doing that. You know? We don't need sideline Americans and I don't need sideline politician[s]..."

In January, Lopez was reportedly going to challenge Hickenlooper for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination.

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