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In Sen. Chris Romer's world: "I'm not trying to do class warfare."

When the question came up at a forum in Denver about how federal mandates in the massive new health-care reform would affect the finances of states like Colorado, state Sen. Chris Romer took a BIG SWING. Have a look...

"We are absolutely at the worst part of our nation's history, between the richest one percent and the rest of it. And I'm not trying to do class warfare. It's just a fact of where we are in this nation," said Romer, son of former Gov. Roy Romer. "We can do this, but we need to stop being shy as Democrats to say there's a certain morality of where we want to live in this nation and in this state."

His remarks were prior to a New York Times piece by David Leonhardt, In Health Bill, Obama Attacks Wealth Inequality.

Looks like Romer has a plan to achieve universal morality AND IMMORTALITY. All on the taxpayer's (yes, the top 1% can't cover it) dime. We're dying to hear it.


Sen. Romer: "It's time for us to go back to a progressive income tax in Colorado."

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