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Romanoff implies Bennet is the insider choice

Andrew Romanoff's populist pitch in running for U.S. Senate depends, in part, on primary opponent U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet being seen as HANDED the seat by the powerful, i.e., Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter and Pres. Barack Obama.

"This is a radical approach, apparently, at this late stage of our democracy, it turns out we have to defend the proposition that senators ought to be picked, not by governors, not by presidents, but in fact, by people," Romanoff said Friday night a pre-caucus rally at the Aurora History Museum.

Obama endorsed Bennet for the seat the day after Romanoff announced he would run, drawing barbs since then from Romanoff supporters like Polly Baca that Obama is meddling in a Democratic primary.

Ritter, appearing in February for Bennet at a Denver rally (at which Obama also appeared) said Bennet was "head and shoulders above the rest of the crowd" when Ritter appointed him to fill the seat vacated by Ken Salazar, who became U.S. Interior Secretary.

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