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Sen. Bennet, how do we renegotiate our taxes?

In the video below, U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet touts health-care reform by recalling a conversation with a small-business operator in Colorado who said, "'The only people that I'm completely incapable of being able to negotiate anything with is my insurance company.'"

[Video queued up to :44]

We're concerned with another entity that won't take no for answer: THE TAXMAN.

If you drive a car, he'll tax the street.
If you try to sit, he'll tax your seat.

There's no negotiating with that guy!

See recent testimony to the Senate Committee on Finance from Chris Edwards, director of Tax Policy Studies at The Cato Institute, about the potential effect on small-business job creation from proposed Obama Administration tax hikes. In two words, NOT HELPFUL.

And DON'T MISS the look Bennet gives the interviewer, who says [at 1:50] , "Senator, I think a lot of people were surprised when they saw your name on that list (for a public option) because you've got a...In the short time you've been up here, people have thought of you as a centrist."

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