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Sen. Bennet = "Unprincipled Hack"

That's not us saying it - It's one of his own! Who said? Jane Hamsher of FireDogLake.

[video above queued up to 3:55]

"Originally, a month ago, Michael Bennet was the hero of the public option," said Jane Hamsher of FireDogLake, speaking on CNN. "He was the guy who was saying, 'Hey, let's fight for this thing.' And now that he could actually introduce an amendment for one, and leadership doesn't want him to, he's going to be a good boy and he's not going to do it.

"And [Bennet's primary opponent] Andrew Romanoff is saying, 'Well, you know, if I was in the Senate, I would do it.' So it's causing a real problem for him because he's starting to look like an unprincipled hack who was only doing it to fundraise when he, you know, when it didn't matter."

Hamsher has launched an online effort to pressure Bennet which claims to have 30,000 supporters so far.

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