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Enviros "storm" Sen. Bennet's office

How do environmental pressure groups get their message across to members of Congress? They "storm" district offices, like the local coalition led by 1Sky organizer Micah Parkin did on Wednesday at the Denver office of appointed U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet, D-Colo.

They got what they came for, as Parkin announced afterward.

"His staff did make an announcement that he will be opposing attacks on the Clean Air Act, including (Republican) Sen. Murkowski from Alaska's attacks on the Clean Air Act," said Parkin. "So that is exciting, exciting news. He also said that he believed both senators from Colorado would be opposing any legislation - we've heard rumored that the legislation being put forward by (Sens.) Kerry and Lieberman and Graham, that they're looking to bow down to industry and include gutting the Clean Air Act as part of that attempt to get them to accept climate and clean energy legislation. We just heard from the senator's staff that that is not going to be anything that they're going to be willing to support."

Here's a link to The Hill about the proposed Senate legislation.

In Bennet's office, one of the activists expresses wariness about a group photo that included a Bennet staffer, saying, "You don't have permission to use the photo until you've actually issued the announcement. If we see that in your campaign literature, we're not going to be happy."

Suspicion of Bennet among some on the left has been fanned by, a left-leaning website that has torn into Bennet for his stated support of the public option in health-care reform, only to see him sidestep the issue when he could have called for a vote in the Senate.

"Michael Bennet has swindled progressive activists out of more than $70,000 in his faux grandstanding for the public option," the blog posted on Wednesday, referring to money raised via ActBlue.

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