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Rep. Joe Miklosi haunted by the specter of Karl Rove

When debating congressional redistricting this week in the Colorado House State Affairs Committee, Democratic Rep. Joe Miklosi goes on RED ALERT. He quotes 7-year-old newspaper columns, Scripture, and the specter of Republican strategist Karl Rove.

REP. MIKLOSI: Karl Rove had a vision all right, he wanted to realign politics. But it's so true, that our plans of men are waylaid because they cannot come to fruition when such arrogance is dominated in the thoughts of men. This bill reduces [those] handcuffs, allows the courts to do their job, and I'll ensure that this bill passes.

REP. TODD: Thank you, and Representative Miklosi, I was pretty lenient with that, but I would ask that in the future you wouldn't reference someone who is not here.

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