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Rove: Obama can help Republicans win Colorado back

Republican strategist Karl Rove is certainly one of the most influential men of my lifetime (so far). When he was in Colorado promoting his new book, Courage and Consequence, this past weekend, (yes, Sen. Morse, I am promoting an Amazon link) WSYS caught up with him to ask his view of the November elections in Colorado.

"Colorado was sort of running ahead in the national transition between 2004 and 2008," said Rove. "That is to say it moved heavily, more heavily, into the Democratic column than the country as a whole did. And it's moved in reaction to what Obama has done stronger than the rest of the country. President Obama and the Democrats' numbers are worse in Colorado than they are in the nation, or they've deteriorated more than in the nation, so I think that's a healthy thing for Republicans this year in this state."

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