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The Green Party platform can be summed up with a "nifty hat"

The Green Party candidate for U.S. Senate in Colorado, Bob Kinsey, can describe the Green Party platform with his nifty hat. If only all complex political ideas could be conveyed with the proper headgear. . .

"Isn't that a nifty hat I got here? With a sunflower and the peace sign? Those are some of the major issues that we in the Green Party talk about. That is, preserving our environment which is the very envelope that we live our lives . . . make it possible for us to live our lives. The flowers, the plants, the trees, the air we breathe , the clean water that we need in order to live healthy lives and in order to be able to grow the food that we need. And the other issue is peace. The issue of violence in the world. I'm talking about a non-violent revolution."

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