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Hickenlooper pro-TABOR? Shhhh - it's a secret!

How could Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper have kept such an important fact a secret? Here's how...

"One of the real reasons that I'm a believer in TABOR, right...I think if you put issues before the public, they'll decide whether it's a worthwhile investment," the Denver Democrat, running for governor of Colorado, told the Douglas County Business Alliance this morning while answering questions on public policy and spending.

But as Republican candidate Scott McInnis pointed out when his turn came, Hickenlooper never mentioned that when the Democratic-controlled legislature sidestepped the Taxpayers Bill of Rights (TABOR) to end business-tax exemptions totaling $100 million a year or more.

"And I appreciate the mayor and his newfound allegiance to TABOR. But I wished he'd of been a little more active in that regards just a few weeks ago," said McInnis, who later reeled off a list of tax policies pursued by the legislature on which Hickenlooper remained publicly silent.

Mayor Hickenlooper has repeatedly supported tax increases and policies leading to job loss in Denver. His silence on TABOR during this legislative session will contribute to bigger losses statewide.

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