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Hickenlooper's job hunt

He'll have plenty of company. The facts speak for themselves. This ad and website from the Republican Governors Association clearly shows the track record Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper will have to try to explain in his run for governor of Colorado.

Here's the buzz....

RGA spending upwards of $500K for ad hitting Hick & Ritter (or Hickenritter, if you prefer), The Denver Post

"No Jobs John," Anyone?, ColoradoPols

GOP Governors Group Swings into Action, The Wall Street Journal

And some background...

Businesses saying goodbye to Denver hit civic pride, The Denver Post

Denver area lost 2.9% of its jobs in a year; March unemployment at 8.5%, Denver Business Journal

Denver lost 39,700 jobs in 2009
, Denver Business Journal

Contractors: Colorado lost 31,600 construction jobs in one year, Denver Business Journal

Colo. job losses far steeper in '09, revised figures show, The Denver Post

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