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Hickenlooper: I'll stand up to my own party. McInnis: Prove it.

Posted by Kelly Maher on June 21st, 2010
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At an Action 22 meeting in Pueblo last week, three candidates for governor answered the question, “Will you stand up to your own party to prevent them from passing bills that would hurt Colorado’s reputation?”

All three - Democrat John Hickenlooper and Republicans Scott McInnis and Dan Maes - indicated they would.

But Denver Mayor Hickenlooper DID NOT do that when tax hikes on business moved through the Democratic-controlled state legislature. In campaign appearances, Hickenlooper is wary of discussing tax specifics and eager to focus on his (pre-mayor) experience as a brewpub owner and quirky entrepreneur who knows “branding.”

That’s nice. But, were he governor, and the environmental, education, labor and other Democratic special-interest groups come knocking, would Hickenlooper REALLY stand up to his own party?

: “I’m not only willing to tell both parties that they can’t pass bills that would impair our reputation. I’m going to go out there and sell the state. As someone who’s dealt with branding my restaurants, branded real estate developments, I’ve helped brand LoDo. I mean, we need to brand the state. It’s not just a pro-business tax part…there’s more than legislation involved.”

: “Well, a perfect question, perfect question, because there was a perfect opportunity to do just exactly that. This year, the legislature, and I said earlier it passed by one vote, they had the ‘Dirty Dozen’ tax increases. I saw the mayor one day and I said, ‘Come on, let’s go up together because I think these are going to pass by one vote. I’ll get the Republicans to hold on the no votes; you just pick up one vote. He refused to do that. That’s why we lost jobs over here at Summit Brick. Call ‘em up. I came down here and talked to them. Or the steel mill. You know, it’s easy to stand in front of all of you and say ‘I’m gonna…or I’m gonna do this . . .’ Where’s the proof in the pudding? When it really counted, where were you? When you needed to get out of the foxhole? Those tax increases have cost us thousands of jobs in this state.”

Maes: “It’s a unique time in our state. And to get business development going, we need a business development expert. I spent 25 years doing business-to-business development. And by the way, that is a different skill set than business-to-consumer development, is it not?”

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  • Post by Kelly Maher on June 21st, 2010

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