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Bachmann: Lame-duck Dems would ram agenda

Posted by WhoSaidYouSaid on July 10th, 2010
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If you think the first 18 months of the Obama Administration were an overreach, wait until after the Nov. 2 elections, said U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn.

Congressional Democrats “plan to pass card check,” said Bachmann [at 2:34 of the video above], speaking Friday night at the Western Conservative Summit in Lone Tree, Colo. “They plan to pass cap-and-trade. They plan to pass the mother of all omnibus spending bills. Why? Because they want to increase the baseline budgeting going forward. Everything that they didn’t get done now - now they’re getting nervous - including amnesty for illegal aliens…”

John Fund of The Wall Street Journal, in a piece titled, “The Obama-Pelosi Lame Duck Strategy,” compiled the statements of Democratic legislators who await a lame-duck session to push their agendas.

Bachmann said even if Republicans take control of the U.S. House of Representatives in the November elections, the Democratic leadership will go for broke.

“This will be their ultimate legislative session, a lame-duck session,” Bachmann said [at 4:12]. “Meaning after the election, if they lose power, they’re going to have it all. Because remember, Congress is owned and the presidency is owned and it’s one-party rule. And they realize that their time is coming to a close. The realize it. Speaker Pelosi knows it. I have a Democratic colleague who told me that, that Speaker Pelosi knows in all likelihood she’s losing. They don’t care. The leadership, quite honestly, doesn’t care. That’s according to one of my Democratic colleagues. Because they recognize they worked as hard as they did to get the power they have right now, for a purpose. And they’re using it. Just like a madman, believe them when they tell you what they’re going to do. Listen to some of these individuals when they talk about the lame-duck session. They mean it.”

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