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Yee haw! Sen. Bennet performs Green Acres

Posted by marysmith on July 6th, 2010
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Ever since his appointment in 2009, there’s been something dodgy about Michael Bennet representing Colorado in the U.S. Senate. It took lefty columnist Richard Cohen of The Washington Post to reveal it today. But first, see our video interpretation.

Cohen wrote that he watched Bennet’s original ad, contrasting Washington, D.C., to Washington County, Colorado, and wondered, “Who is this jerk?”

Cohen then pronounced himself shocked to learn of Bennet’s true background: “…the much-admired superintendent of the Denver school system, a highly successful investment banker, chief of staff to the mayor of Denver, an aide to the governor of Ohio, a graduate of Wesleyan University and Yale Law School . . . and was raised, of all places, in Washington…”

Cohen concluded that, “Bennet’s reticence about his stellar qualifications represents something sad: the collapse of the elite.”

I have a simpler explanation. Bennet’s “outsider” campaign is phony.

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  • Post by marysmith on July 6th, 2010

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