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Flashback: Sen. Bennet hammers opponents of health-care "reform"

Posted by marysmith on September 23rd, 2010
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Provisions of ObamaCare kick in today, the health-care reform that U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet, D-Colo., wanted so badly he once indicated that voting for it would be worth losing his Senate seat.

Now, according to Politico

Some Senate Democrats, including Barbara Boxer of California and Michael Bennet of Colorado, ignore the law altogether in the health care section of their campaign websites. They don’t take credit for helping pass the Affordable Care Act.

Hmmm. And Eli Stokols of Fox-31 in Denver reported…

On Wednesday, the silence from the campaigns of Colorado Democrats was deafening. Take Bennet’s campaign which sent a slew of emails about everything but the anniversary of health care reform…

Why might that be? The Weekly Standard, citing a recent poll by Douglas Schoen, estimated that…

“if you support Obamacare, you’ve just lost 40 percent (83 percent of 48 percent) of the independent vote — before any other issue is even addressed.”

In February, the month before Bennet helped pass health-care reform, Pres. Obama appeared at a fundraising rally for Bennet in Denver. Bennet made the remarkable argument then that it was the OPPONENTS of health-care reform “who are supporting a taxpayer-funded, government takeover of health care.”

“Let me be absolutely clear. To those who oppose reform and want to keep the system as it is, with charges of government takeovers and death panels, here are the facts. Everyday, thousands of Americans are thrown off their private insurance because they can’t afford it. Or, their employer can’t afford it. And they end up in one of two places. If they’re poor enough, they end up on Medicaid, a public plan. If they’re not poor enough, they end up in the emergency room, getting compensated care that we the taxpayers, and we the policyholder, are paying for.

“The truth is, that it’s the opponents of reform who are supporting a taxpayer-funded, government takeover of health care. It just happens to be the least intentional and most expensive version imaginable. We can do better than that.”

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  • Post by marysmith on September 23rd, 2010

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