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Sen. Bennet: the media are “mistaken”

By | September 13th, 2010

Have you ever met someone who is soft-spoken, well-educated and ambitious - and willing to twist the truth to make a point?

Meet U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet, D-Colo.

WhoSaidYouSaid made the trip across Colorado to watch the famous Club 20 debates in Grand Junction on Saturday. It’s a must-see because, in addition to the questions posed to candidates, there’s typically a cross-examination period at the end in which the candidates can question each other. The audience hoots and cheers. When his turn came, Buck challenged Bennet on his campaign ad that highlights partial quotes from Buck events.

[Citations below from Colorado media reviews of the ad will give you a sense of its worthiness...

"FICTION: The narration that Buck wants to end student loans is a false statement." - 7NEWS

"TRUTH: Buck does support policies that would allow for some privatization of Social Security, but it's false to say he called the program "'horrible policy.'" - Channel 9 Truth Test

"The pervasive tone of Bennet's ad is dark and alarmist, with a message that is fundamentally unfair." - The Denver Post editorial ]

Buck challenged Bennet to “take that ad down.” Bennet replied, “I stand by the ad.” After some back-and-forth came this exchange, which tells you something about Sen. Bennet.

BUCK: “The question now is: Is everybody else wrong and you’re right? Is Channel 4 wrong? Channel 7 wrong? Channel 9 wrong? The Denver Post wrong, but you’re right?”

BENNET: “They’re mistaken.”

BUCK: “They’re mistaken?”

BENNET: “It’s an honest mistake.”

BUCK: “Everybody’s mistaken but you?”

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