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Ken Buck’s “Scott Brown” moment: “They will ignore us no more.”

Posted by Kelly Maher on October 12th, 2010
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I’ve heard Ken Buck’s closing argument in the U.S. Senate debates in Colorado several times now, and it’s gaining power because it captures the energy of many, many citizens demanding that their government respond to the will of the people.

“We need to change the way things are going on in Washington, D.C.,” Buck said on Monday night in his debate with appointed U.S. Sen. MIchael Bennet, D-Colo. “We protested when the government ran up trillions of dollars of debt. We sent e-mails when they were about to pass the health care bill. We called and told them to get off the backs of small business so that small business could create jobs. We pleaded with them to please secure our borders so that we could be safe. And you know what? They heard us. But folks, they ignored us. And on November second, they will ignore us no more.”

Scott Brown, a Massachusetts Republican, shocked the political establishment by winning the U.S. Senate seat once held by Ted Kennedy. During a televised debate eight days prior to the election in January, Brown responded to a question from moderator David Gergen about whether Brown would be willing to block health care reform, given Kennedy’s longtime advocacy.

“Well, with all due respect,” said Brown. “It’s not the Kennedys’ seat and it’s not the Democrats’ seat. It’s the people’s seat.”

h/t Donald Johnson

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    ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Kelly Maher
    Kelly, a co-founder of WhoSaidYouSaid, brings more than 10 years of campaign and policy work experience. In addition to her skills in grassroots activism and organization, Kelly has a knack for distilling complex issues into accessible messages that resonate with voters. Her policy specialties include health care, education, employment and tort reform. Follow Kelly on Twitter at @okmaher.

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