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Tancredo: reading Littwin's column like swimming in "sewage"

Posted by Kelly Maher on October 23rd, 2010
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I like Mike Littwin. I know that’s a pretty shocking statement, but I really do. I’ve met him time and again in my years in politics, but I finally got to talk to him more in depth after Jon Caldara’s show, Devil’s Advocate, a few months ago. That said, when I read Littwin’s columns, I often find myself yelling at the newspaper in a similar fashion to yelling at the TV when the Broncos play the Raiders. I generally think Littwin is wrong almost all of the time.

You can get a sense of Littwin’s take on Colorado gubernatorial candidate Tom Tancredo just by reading the online headlines of some of his recent Denver Post columns.

Taking Tancredo’s numbers, not the candidate, seriously, Oct. 17, 2010

On that Maes-Tancredo park bench, no adults, Oct. 8, 2010

Tancredo’s TV ad deserving of snickers, Sept. 15, 2010

You could go deeper by reading the actual columns, but be warned: Tancredo described that experience to me as like falling “into a sewage treatment plant reservoir and [having] to swim out . . . you wouldn’t want to do it again.”

More on that below. But what got me into that conversation with Tancredo to begin with was this paragraph from Littwin’s Oct. 17 column…

“And the thing about Tancredo is that he doesn’t shy away from being Tancredo. That’s what makes him a gold mine for a poor columnist who, it must be said, would never lack for material in a Tancredo administration. You don’t have to guess who Tancredo is. All you have to do is ask — or turn on the radio in the morning.”

It was amazing for me to read an entire Littwin paragraph (ESPECIALLY one about Tancredo) with which I had no objection.

At a rally for Tancredo on Monday in Colorado Springs, I started to ask him about Littwin’s column and, well, he didn’t mince words…

TANCREDO: “Let me tell you, reading Mike Littwin’s column. It, you know, if you’ve ever by chance, like, fallen into a sewage treatment plant reservoir and had to swim out . . . you wouldn’t want to do it again. Well, you know, that’s just about the feeling I get when I read Mike Littwin’s column and I just don’t like doing it, so I don’t.”

I then asked him about the paragraph that struck me, about Tancredo being who he is…

TANCREDO: “Yeah, well a lot of people have a hard time dealing with that, I suppose, because they’ve been dealing with a lot of politicians who are something else. Maybe they’re just not used to it, maybe they don’t like the idea that I say the things I say and actually believe them. But that’s tough. Because it is the way I am, that’s absolutely right. And it does make some people uncomfortable, I know, because as I say you’re used to actually listening to politicians, in my business, say things that are designed to be, to not really get anybody very upset, always to be, you know, really cautious about how you’ll come off. I’ve just never been that way. And it’s not like I set out to be overly bombastic or anything. But I certainly feel strongly about issues and every time I do, I say something that reflects that. And often times that gets people like Mike Littwin upset.”

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  • Post by Kelly Maher on October 23rd, 2010

One Response to “Tancredo: reading Littwin's column like swimming in "sewage"”

  1. Danny Stroud says:

    your site seems to download more slowly than most. love your videos, however.

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