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Blocking the bureaucratic "legacy" of ObamaCare

Posted by WhoSaidYouSaid on November 27th, 2010
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President Obama tells Barbara Walters that health-care reform will be “a lasting legacy that I am extraordinarily proud of,” reports Politico.

Here’s the legacy that U.S. Rep. Tom Price, R-Ga., a physician, described as ObamaCare was about to be passed by Congress in March…

“So when one reads the details of the legislation pending before Congress and finds the creation of 159 new government offices and programs, there is little else to feel but fear and concern for what will happen to the level of quality care in this country,” Price wrote for AOL News.

[View a chart of those agencies at this link.]

What can be done?

Dick Armey, chairman of FreedomWorks, as reported by The Wall Street Journal’s John Fund, proposes a strategy of…

“…selectively targeting ObamaCare’s 159 new bureaucratic entities for repeal, denying the IRS funds to enforce fines and penalties on employers, and using the reconciliation process so the Senate can pass budget-related restrictions on ObamaCare with a simple majority.”

Meanwhile, the Administration awaits a federal judge’s ruling on the constitutionality of ObamaCare’s provision that requires health insurance, reports The New York Times.

“Any ruling against the act creates another P.R. problem for the Democrats, who need to resell the law to insured Americans,” said Jonathan Oberlander, a University of North Carolina political scientist, according to the Times.

[In the video above, Glenn Beck compares the number of ObamaCare entities to the New Deal agencies created by FDR. h/t Kathy Peterson.]

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  • Post by WhoSaidYouSaid on November 27th, 2010

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