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Heading to the airport, awaiting the TSA tango

Posted by Kelly Maher on November 21st, 2010
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I’m flying out of Denver first thing Monday with my Boston Terrier, Guinness. Since we pulled his flight bag out of the closet while packing Sunday morning, he’s scarcely left it, anticipating our trip. He’s flown with me before, but given the TSA’s Enhanced Security screening, I thought it best to have a heart-to-heart talk with him [see the video above] so he knows what to expect.

Not that I know what to expect, given the wild news reports this month, starting with John Tyner’s interaction with new security procedures at the San Diego International Airport.

I steer clear of radiation because of a medical condition, so I won’t be getting the “electronic strip search” at Denver International Airport. Until I have a higher degree of certainty about those machines and their radiation (both the type and the long-term effects) I’ll be opting for the pat-down. I guess that means Guinness will be getting the same.

Citizen outrage over these new screening procedures is bubbling up. And George Will had a great piece, titled “The T.S. of A. Takes Control” that captures the absurdity of this moment.

“What the TSA is doing is mostly security theater, a pageant to reassure passengers that flying is safe,” Will wrote. “Reassurance is necessary if commerce is going to flourish, and if we are going to get to grandma’s house on Thursday to give thanks for the Pilgrims and for freedom. If grandma is coming to our house, she may be wanded while barefoot at the airport because democracy — or the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment; anyway, something — requires the amiable nonsense of pretending that no one has the foggiest idea what an actual potential terrorist might look like.”

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    ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Kelly Maher
    Kelly, a co-founder of WhoSaidYouSaid, brings more than 10 years of campaign and policy work experience. In addition to her skills in grassroots activism and organization, Kelly has a knack for distilling complex issues into accessible messages that resonate with voters. Her policy specialties include health care, education, employment and tort reform. Follow Kelly on Twitter at @okmaher.

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