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Rep. Polis: Illegal aliens are “de facto Americans”

Posted by Michael Sandoval on December 9th, 2010
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U.S. Rep. Jared Polis, D-Colo., went to the floor of the House to deliver his take on the Dream Act before its passage Wednesday by a slim 216-198 margin.

“The Dream Act is one of the most important pieces of legislation I’ve ever discussed on the floor of the house. It means everything to hundreds of thousands of de facto Americans. To them and to all of us it is supremely important and supremely urgent. We have a choice between forcing the brain drain from our country or retaining the best and brightest to contribute to our country and make it stronger and more prosperous.”

Michelle Malkin described Polis’ statement as the “new Democrat euphemism” in the illegal immigration debate.

Though technically illegal aliens, Polis argues that they are “actually” Americans - “exercising power or serving a function without being legally or officially established” - which would occur only after the passage of the Act.

Senate Democrats were unable Thursday to act on the House version of the bill that passed Wednesday night, but will potentially take up the legislation again next week before the end of the lame duck session. Democrats need to muster 60 votes to override Republican opposition.

The urgency of the vote for Democrats is apparent not only in the wording from Polis, but in the recognition that the party must shore up the support from one of its critical constituencies ahead of the 2012 Presidential election:

“Hispanic activists have described the Dream Act as the least Congress can do on the issue,” the Associated Press reported. “It targets the most sympathetic of the millions of undocumented people — those brought to the United States as children, who in many cases consider themselves American, speak English and have no ties to or family living in their native countries.”

On the Republican side, Allahpundit of Hot Air details the 8 GOP Dream Act defenders, 6 of whom are retiring, lost their 2010 primary, or lost reelection.

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    ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Michael Sandoval

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