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Because of Cary Kennedy we have a stable and secure financial position . . . oh wait . . .

"With it (Ref. C) Colorado has a true and honest balanced budget. We have a stable and secure financial position."

This was in 2006. Seriously? Stable? Secure?

"And, we have predictable and stable budgeting." Man alive lady, maybe it's time for you to go get your crystal ball to the shop.

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Romanoff's eyes bigger than Colorado

Andrew Romanoff is hearing THE QUESTION of whether he would bail on his run for the U.S. Senate and enter the Colorado governor's race. IF he made such a move, Romanoff would have to walk back a key talking point on the campaign trail: "I'm running for the Senate because I'm trying to solve a set of problems that are too big for the state to tackle on its own."

See for yourself...

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Stunt Doubles - Ken Salazar's being green

The question on everyone's mind is "Will Ken Salazar run for Governor?" According to reports the Secretary of Interior Salazar is being coy about a possible gubernatorial bid. Yesterday, however, Salazar announced tougher restrictions on drilling.

It's REALLY not easy being green.

UPDATE: Politico is reporting that Salazar's not running for Governor . . . time to think of a Stunt Double for Hickenlooper.

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Yeeeeeeehaw! John Hickenlooper

The man of the hour with the outfit of the century.

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Ski with Rep. DeGette for just $5,000!

We're not sure what a $5,000 PAC contribution to U.S. Rep. Diana DeGette of Colorado gets you at the swanky Sonnenalp Resort in Vail this weekend.

But here's a four-second take on what U.S. taxpayers are getting with Democratic control of Congress...

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Don't blink or you'll miss Sen. Bennet

Here's an operatic video of populist anger over Democratic meddling in health care, the economy and freedom. h/t Ben DeGrow

If you prefer cold facts to hot rhetoric: the health care reform that U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet of Colorado said he will support EVEN if it costs him his job could obligate some middle-class families to pay $15,200 A YEAR for health insurance in 2016, according to this report.

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An offer for Gov. Ritter and his image-makers

Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter spent more than $200,000 for a series of public service TV ads and other imagery, reports the Associated Press, echoing an earlier critique by Denver Post columnist Vincent Carroll that, "Our statewide officials should not be tapping public dollars — taxes, fines or fees — to elevate their personal visibility, especially if they're not in their final term."

Hmmm...more about the finality of Ritter's term in November.

Meanwhile, for a very reasonable fee, WhoSaidYouSaid will happily videotape all of the governor's public events (AND private meetings with environmental activists, labor leaders and others) as well as public service announcements. Governor, we're at your service.

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