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Hickenlooper to get a smokin' Dem primary

The anticipated coronation of Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper as Democratic nominee for governor of Colorado has hit a pot hole.

Miguel Lopez, a pro-marijuana activist, intends to run a primary against Hickenlooper, reports Westword, and roll out this message, "A vote you can smoke."

If you think it's all a goof, take a look at this video from 2008 in which Lopez and his crew challenge Gov. Bill Ritter at a health care reform rally.

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Hickenlooper: "Transit is the new black. It's hip."

Watch Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper in this video (from the climate change conference in Copenhagen, of course!!!) tout the wonders of FasTracks and describe transit as "the new black. It's hip."

Look here Hickenscooter . . . I am not going to take advice from you as to what's fashionable. You are a lot of things, but "hip" is not one of them.

The proposed 119-mile rail line project in metro Denver (which the mayor helped sell to voters in 2004) looks more like the NEW RED, as in TAXPAYER BAILOUT that may require $2.5 billion more to complete.

Stay until the end of the video to get an added bonus: Hickenlooper on the urgency of climate change.

(How's this message for Hickenlooper as he runs for governor of Colorado: Vote for me. I'll increase your taxes for mass transit. And fight climate change!)

"There's always a group on the periphery of any issue, especially an issue that's got serious amounts of money tied to the solution, that are going to wave their arms and say, 'It's a hoax. It's phony.' But the vast majority of people in Denver recognize that climate change is a real problem.

"It's going to be something that's going to get worse and worse until we face up and address it. And I think that recognition grows a little bit every week, every month. There's more people that say, 'You know. This is a big deal. This is a big deal.' All the naysayers and skeptics, they get some attention, but I don't think they're persuading people, in their heart of hearts; they know, all right, we've been listening to them for a while. It's about time we started getting to work on this."

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CO Sen. Bennet and "fresh air" vs. hot air

Michael Bennet and Mark Udall, the U.S. senators from Colorado, are suddenly seeing the light and calling for some transparency about health care reform deals done in the backrooms of the White House, far from public view.

A question for the two of them: When this doesn't happen (and it won't) will you MAN UP and vow to VOTE AGAINST this pending disaster that has been bought and paid for by MasterLard? Now THAT would be priceless!

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Hickenlooper, a liberal who looks like DeGette

In honor of Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper entering the race for Colorado governor, we've created a special Stunt Doubles.

In 2008, Congresswoman Diana DeGette said about the open U.S. Senate seat, "The pundits say, well Diana is from Denver and she's too liberal to run statewide. John Hickenlooper, who's the mayor of Denver, is the frontrunner. It's like...hmmmm. And I love John. But frankly I would bet you - he doesn't have a Congressional voting record - but if you look at some of the things he's done, he's probably at least as liberal as me."

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Attention Sen. Bennet - 55% say KEEP THE CHANGE!

Sen. Bennet says in this video that the health care debate isn't partisan, that it's a debate between people who want "change" and "special interests." But... those polled (see below) aren't "special interests" - just folks like us. :) Mystery healthcare "reform" = sick and wrong!

"The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey shows that just 17% believe passage of the legislation will achieve the stated goal of reducing health care costs. Fifty-seven percent (57%) think it will lead to higher costs.

"Fifty-two percent (52%) also believe passage of the legislation will lead to a decline in the quality of care.

"Overall, 40% of voters nationwide favor the health care reform plan proposed by President Obama and congressional Democrats. Fifty-five percent (55%) are opposed. As has been the case throughout the debate, those who feel strongly about the issue are more likely to be opposed. Just 19% of voters Strongly Favor the plan while 45% are Strongly Opposed." - Rasmussen Reports, 1/11/10

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Ritter dodges a straightforward jobs question

Eco-devo legislation for the creative industries in Colorado will create how many jobs...would you say dozens or hundreds?

"I'm not going to answer that question," said Gov. Bill Ritter.

I love it at the end of this clip how he says, "We've really been focused on creating jobs to bring us out of this," and yet can't say how many jobs will actually be created in this "creative cluster".

P.S. "Creative cluster" is a really fun phrase, try saying it 10 times fast.

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Hickenlooper: I'm nominating Barack Obama because...

Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper likes to portray himself as pragmatic and centrist, YET he's all aboard the Obama Express.

As Hickenlooper contemplates a run for governor of Colorado (reportedly with President Obama's blessing), it's worth reviewing the mayor's rhetoric.

Near the end of this video at the Democratic National Convention in Denver in 2008, Hickenlooper was asked to complete this statement: I'm nominating Barack Obama because...

“I'm nominating Barack Obama because I believe he has the greatest vision and the greatest leadership skills of probably any politician I've ever seen, that he has the ability to bring people together and inspire them to work harder, to reach higher, to achieve things that they couldn't otherwise do. When you look at how the world responds to him, I mean there's no one else that could actually bring us back into the leader of the world.”

If Hickenlooper runs and wins the Democratic nomination for governor, Colorado's independent voters (including those increasingly disapproving of how the President is doing his job) will remember in November...

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