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Pres. Obama and Dems in D.C. out of touch

Check out this TPM video compilation of Pres. Obama's melodious guarantees about health care reform during his first year in office...

The disconnect between the Democratic agenda and the concerns of most people is striking.

"In fact, exit polls from Mr Obama’s election showed that almost two-thirds of the voters cited the economy as their chief concern, with fewer than one in 10 mentioning healthcare," according to this Financial Times analysis.

Now, with reform on the ropes, 55 percent of 1,010 people polled by Gallup say Congress should stop work on the current version AND pursue a plan that could win some Republican support.

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Mayor John Hickenlooper on the failings of mayors in higher office

Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper, prior to the Democratic National Convention in 2008, was asked/informed by interviewer Charlie Rose that being mayor is "not necessarily a stepping stone to anything."

"Well, that's true, I think," replied Hickenlooper. "Far more mayors fail in a broader office, often because they're pegged in a more provincial category."

See their exchange and more at the 6:58 mark of the video below.

Ending the interview (at 14:00), Rose says, "Some people out in Colorado tell me that you may run for governor."

Hickenlooper hems and haws, speaks highly of Gov. Bill Ritter and concludes, "Certainly, when he's done...if I were asked, I would look very carefully at it."

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Dear Chuck Schumer - It depends on what the definition of "free" is!

Key elements of McCain-Feingold campaign finance restrictions, which limited free speech rights in elections, were swept away in a 5-4 U.S. Supreme Court ruling today.

"The Court struck down limits on corporate speech, leaving in place only reporting requirements that force groups spending the money to be transparent," reports Hotline On Call.

And Democrats, of course, are howling because now it's not only unions that can spend money to influence elections. While people should be free to vote as they see fit and it should be fair for people on either side to advance their cause, here's video of U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer of New York on "free and fair" - are those tears? Looks to me like just another opportunity to vilify "corporations" anyway - and last I checked that's where the JOBS are!

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Sen. Bennet of Colorado is Romanoff's punch line

Appointed U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet of Colorado is stuck in a difficult situation. Bennet lashed his fortunes to President Obama's activist agenda (including a bloated health care reform bill) that was repudiated by voters in Massachusetts, who just elected a Republican, Scott Brown, to the U.S. Senate.

Bennet could tip-toe to the "center," but...

He faces a fight in his own party from former Colorado House Speaker Andrew Romanoff, who will force Bennet to protect his left flank in the Democratic primary.

On Tuesday (prior to Brown's stunning victory), Romanoff affirmed that he'll stay in the race against Bennet and made him a punch line. Here's the video...

UPDATE: Bennet is indeed trying to reframe his blinkered support of ObamaCare. Too little, too late...

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"Immediate and permanent benefits to our economy..." - JFK. AND the NEXT Senator from MA - Scott Brown

This video clip of JFK (who once held the U.S. Senate seat that will be WON today - we hope - by Republican Scott Brown) tells you a lot about what works in America. Today's tax-and-spend-and-cap-and-trade Democrats have abandoned the tonic of tax cuts to help create jobs and REALLY stimulate the economy. And Massachusetts voters have something to say about it. Wagers anyone? My money's on Scott Brown.

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The people are restless . . . Citizen to Bennet: "Can you balance a checkbook?"

See appointed Sen. Michael Bennet's reaction after a town hall attendee hit him with a pointed question, "Can you balance a checkbook?" Despite Bennet's insistence that health care bill will not add to the federal deficit, the people seem to take his claims less and less seriously.

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Hickenlooper: a trained seal?

John Hickenlooper, as befits his East Coast roots, is a fast talker. And as mayor of Denver, he's been part of a media, business and political culture that sometimes gives his quirky words a pass.

That won't be the case as he seeks to be governor of Colorado.

In this video clip from June 2009, Hickenlooper:

- describes his (then) chief of staff Kelly Brough as "the real mayor..."

- says he spends half his time in the community "acting like a trained seal..."

- seeks to "get the city out there in the community..."

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