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Penry: Control the "autopilot growth" of Colorado spending

During marathon debate on Colorado's $18.2 billion state budget, Senate Minority Leader Josh Penry, R-Grand Junction, offered an amendment Thursday directing the governor to cut state payroll costs by five percent over three years. Senate Democrats, who control the chamber 21-14, defeated the amendment in a voice vote.

"It's not an aggressive ask," said Penry. "If you look at what's happening in the private sector, payrolls are being slashed all across, all across, this state. And so this amendment, in a small way, makes the state do the same thing."

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Betsy Markey - pretty pumps or flip-flops?

Having helped foist Pres. Obama's health-care reform mandates on her Colorado constituents, U.S. Rep. Betsy Markey is now taking their questions - from a distance.

"Several callers challenged Markey and wondered whether the new law would violate the Constitution or bankrupt their businesses," according to this report of Markey's telephone town halls.

Flip flops are for the beach, Betsy - not Washington!


Ritter and Hickenlooper: two peas in a green pod

How much do Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter and Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper (who seeks to succeed him as governor) agree or differ on energy policy?

See what they said about each other at the recent Sustainable Industries Economic Forum in Denver...

HICKENLOOPER: "Before I get started I want to recognize our great governor, Bill Ritter over there, because he's done more to do, to mold public sentiment, in terms of his ability to...This week he officially named Colorado, our renewable energy standard, the highest in the Rocky Mountains, the second highest in the United States. That brand, what people think about when they hear the word 'Colorado' is critically important to our, to the future of our economy, to the quality of life, to the choices that our children and grandchildren will have. And certainly I think one of his legacies will be that Colorado is now associated with the new energy economy. We are one of the leaders, really, on the vanguard of how these transformations are going to take place."

RITTER: "I would just acknowledge that the mayor said some very nice things about me, but back at him. He has been a great partner. He was elected in 2003. I wasn't elected governor [until 2006]. I started serving in 2007. But in that time frame we've had, clearly, a synergy in how we think about sustainability and how we think about energy issues. And to have the mayor of the largest city in the state thinking in the same way in how we move forward and how we make progress has been very helpful."

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Pres. Obama's spending pitch: high and to his left

Something looked familiar about the arc of the president's effort on Opening Day... Prediction for the Ump's call on Dems in 2010/2012? "YOU'RE OUTTA THERE!!!"

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Jared Polis puts on the dog: Best political accessory ever

Can you imagine giving a speech, picking up a small dog, tucking it under your arm, and continuing on without missing a beat? U.S. Rep. Jared Polis of Colorado can do it . . .

This got us to thinking at WSYS: What are the best political accessories you can think of? Email us at [email protected] and tell us what you think.

Even Polis can take it a little far, though. In a commentary on CNN in September, he talked about his dog, Gia, and used her experience to highlight his own political agenda:

"Gia got stung by a bee on her paw this weekend, and we rushed her to the animal hospital. The vet was able to find the stinger and remove it, and she only limped for a day.

"But our nation will continue to limp until we remove the bee stinger of expensive foreign wars from the paw of our nation. We could fully fund health care reform and reduce the deficit with the costs of the expensive wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and we would still have enough left over to teach our undocumented immigrants English."

What about nuclear disarmament and world peace? We'll have to wait 'til Gia's next adventure for the right metaphor.

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