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Questions for Bennet on Romanoff's WH job offer

Many questions follow from Andrew Romanoff's confirmation that government jobs were dangled his way to stay out of the Colorado Senate race, which could have kept White House pet U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet from a Democratic primary dog fight.

Here's some of the cable news chatter...

And here's what we'd like to know:

- Was the attempted fix by White House deputy chief of staff (and aspiring job counselor) Jim Messina known and approved by higher-ups in the White House? If so, who and when?

- Was there any communication on this "Let's Make a Deal" episode (before, during or after) between the White House and anyone connected to Bennet's Senate office or campaign? Did Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel discuss it with Sen. Bennet?

- Is there any appetite by the U.S. Department of Justice or the Democratic-controlled House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform to look into any of this?

We can answer the last question: Apparently not.

But we hope the prior questions are pursued by truth-seekers in the Fourth Estate (not dissuaded by the lefty blog echo chamber of: Nothing to see here folks, move along).

After all, Sen. Bennet, you and the public are sick of "backroom deals," right?

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Treasurer Cary Kennedy: Show her the school money

When will Colorado State Treasurer Cary Kennedy realize that more school spending don't always translate into better results - and start talking about other ways to improve Colorado classrooms?

At the recent state Democratic Party Assembly, the co-author of Amendment 23 - the Colorado constitutional provision mandating K-12 education spending - was at it again.

"Our public schools lack the resources they need and they deserve," said Kennedy, who is running for re-election. "I am working to make sure that, as our economy recovers, the first dollar that comes into the door goes into the classroom."

However, even back in 2006 (the year Kennedy was first elected), Ben DeGrow of the Independence Institute reported the "lack of a relationship between total spending and academic outcome." Download the full report, "Counting the Cash for K-12."

According to DeGrow:
From 1988-89 to 2002-03 Colorado’s total per-pupil spending grew by more than 17 percent, despite limitations on taxation and government growth set by the Gallagher Amendment and Taxpayers Bill of Rights (TABOR).

The Colorado General Assembly appropriated more dollars per student in the 2004-05 school year than at any previous point in state history.

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Memo to Hillary Clinton: Robin Hoods don't create wealth

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton put on her share-the-wealth hat recently and said "one of the biggest international problems we have - and I'll just, this is my opinion, I'm not speaking for the [Obama] Administration, so I will preface that with a very clear caveat - the rich are not paying their fair share in any nation..."

For the FACTUAL rebuttal, see Nick Gillespie, editor of and

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A Memorial Day tribute to those who gave all

Words cannot express our gratitude. From Arlington National Cemetery...

h/t Donna Diegel

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Staying hungry for freedom

WhoSaidYouSaid just passed 10,000 views on our YouTube channel. Many thanks for your support! And be careful out there...

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Why "Blue Dog" John Salazar has got to go

U.S. Rep. John Salazar of Colorado is a self-described "proud member of the fiscally conservative Democratic Blue Dog" coalition in Congress. Yet he voted for ObamaCare and for mega-billons in stimulus and bailout spending; voted with his party 97 percent of the time this Congress; and gets an 'F' from the National Taxpayers Union.

Sound like a guy who's all about Big Government but wants his constituents to think otherwise? Allow the folks from Send Salazar Packing, which held rallies in Salazar's Third Congressional District this weekend, to explain...

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