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Rep. DeGette and the Dems fear ObamaCare's undoing

Posted by Kelly Maher on January 20th, 2011
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Stung by the Republican-led repeal of ObamaCare in the House of Representatives and already targeting three freshman GOP legislators with TV ads, the left is trying everything it can to control the terms of public debate.

Who’s on board the misinformation campaign? I know . . . I know. I was shocked, too: it’s my own 1st District representative in Congress, U.S. Rep. Diana DeGette, D-Colo.

Here’s part of DeGette’s statement on the GOP repeal effort on the House floor this week…

“…If you want to give benefits like this to millions of Americans, to young people, to women with gender disparity, and to small businesses, you have to have comprehensive reform. We all know it, and that’s why we need to resist this effort. We need to resist repealing this legislation and we need to work together across the aisle to implement it in a way that helps every single American.”

I’ll give it to her, she’s plucking the heartstrings, pandering to women and small business owners, as well as those up to age 26 allowed (under ObamaCare) to stay on their parents’ health-insurance policies. (Speaking for myself, I have never been so unhappy to be 27, because if everyone younger than me is getting a health care bennie, I want it, too!).

The problem with “giving” benefits to millions of Americans is that SOMEONE has to pay for it. Under ObamaCare, individuals would be REQUIRED BY LAW to carry health insurance (pending the outcomes of several more lawsuits) or face penalties.

For an obliteration of the Democrats’ arguments that ObamaCare somehow pays for itself, PLEASE watch U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wisc., in his remarks, “Health care law is a fiscal house of cards.”

Left-leaning politicians and their apologists in the media describe the repeal as “symbolic.” But why be upset about a symbol?

“No doubt the Majority Leader [Harry Reid] fears defections when [Senate] Republicans eventually do force an up-or-down vote, especially among the many vulnerable red-state Democrats standing for re-election in 2012,” The Wall Street Journal noted today.

Even if the Senate were somehow to vote for repeal, Pres. Obama would veto it. But, as Emily Miller at Human Events writes, the GOP strategy is multi-faceted: “Repeal, Replace, Defund.”

There’s been a fair bit of discussion about what the GOP repeal effort should be called. I would dub it “The Patient’s Freedom Restoration Act.”

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  • Post by Kelly Maher on January 20th, 2011

One Response to “Rep. DeGette and the Dems fear ObamaCare's undoing”

  1. jim Bob says:

    When will the Democrats grow a brain and stop bankrupting the country?

    Why do the Republicans have to be the mature adult and always be the ones to bite the bullet?

    Who are these people that are superficial enough to be swayed by the idiotic rhetoric of Obama?

    And now are even Republicans to be fooled by the forced move to the middle my BO?

    Who are these people?

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