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Challenge for Sal Pace: Rethink Colorado spending on jobs

Posted by Michael Sandoval on February 5th, 2011
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Colorado House Minority Leader Sal Pace, D-Pueblo, appeared on Varney & Co. on Fox Business News to talk about the lack of oversight in what Pace estimated to be almost $2 billion in tax credits and incentives.

With a couple questions, Varney challenged Pace on whether government should attempt to manage the economy to begin with…

Varney: “We’re all with you, but you’re a Democrat. Your party wants more government spending. But you, a Democrat, can’t find out where the money spent has gone. Does that make you rethink the whole idea of government spending to create jobs?”

Pace: “You know I, I believe that government has a role in job creation, but we don’t even know which of these incentives, which of these tax credits are the most effective. And I’d like to invest in businesses that show the greatest gain in jobs per dollar spent. But I think it’s irresponsible for us to be spending money without knowing which one of these work and which ones don’t.”

Varney: “But doesn’t it make you change your principles . . . don’t you question the whole idea of whether government, given its history, don’t you start to question whether or not government really can do all that you want it to do?”

Pace: “Well, you know, certainly, it gives me a moment to question why people don’t want us to have a system that tracks our credits and incentives…”

Pace evaded Varney’s key point about the role of government in job creation, but went on to say that a call for transparency of government spending was something that he - along with conservatives and Tea Party members - could agree on when it came to spending taxpayer dollars.

Transparency, yes. But what Tea Party members want is less government intervention to begin with, and that government shouldn’t be in the business of “creating” jobs in the first place.

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