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The Colorado tax proposals, pulled off the table, did not have the support - in polling and money - needed to succeed, said proponent Marijo Rymer at a recent Colorado Democrats "Budget Listening Tour" stop...
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Why the Colorado tax hike was told to take a hike

Posted by Kelly Maher on March 21st, 2011
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The tax proposals pulled off the table today did not have the support - in polling and money - needed to succeed, proponent Marijo Rymer said Saturday.

“We did withdraw the tax measure . . . or we will be withdrawing the tax measure that I mentioned to you earlier. And it’s not just because polling data shows that there’s not much support, but that is what the polling data shows…” she told a Colorado Democrats “Budget Listening Tour” in Denver on Saturday.

“That when you test the ballot language for the graduated income tax, as well as for Senator Heath’s proposal, less than 50% - it’s roughly 46, 47 percent of voters - say they would support it, and that’s considering every classification of support. Metro Chamber of Commerce, Colorado Concern and Colorado Forum informed us last week, that they would start raising money - and they already have - to oppose any graduated income tax on this ballot in 2011.

“Now that may sound like, ‘Well, don’t be silly, don’t cave, just run it anyway.’ The institutional funders who would normally fund such an effort will not fund it, and oppose it going to the ballot with a measure that is sure to fail because of funded opposition…is probably not very smart.”

A measure sure to fail? On that we can agree…

  • Post by Kelly Maher on March 21st, 2011

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