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Carrera showed a bias in Colo. legislative map flap

Posted by Kelly Maher on November 30th, 2011
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After the Colorado Reapportionment Commission approved the Democratic proposal for new legislative district maps on Tuesday, more information surfaced that supports the claim that Republicans were given a different deadline for submission than the Democrats.

Curtis Hubbard of The Denver Post reported Wednesday:

“E-mails sent in the waning days of Colorado’s contentious reapportionment process indicate that Republicans were not given the same opportunity to submit maps as their Democratic counterparts.”

Hubbard cites e-mails sent to commissioners over the last nine days, demonstrating that there were clearly different rules applied to each party in terms of submission deadlines. Mario Carrera, the commission chairman, claims Republicans weren’t given a hard deadline. Yet, one of the e-mails (cited by The Post) that was sent from the commission staff to Republican Commissioner Rob Witwer stated this:

“Sorry. Plans are due by Noon on the 23rd.”

That sounds like a pretty hard deadline to me. [See video of Witwer above explaining the direction he was given.]

Republicans (including myself) are calling Carrera’s decisions regarding votes and submission deadlines into question this week. Carrera, portrayed as the “unaffiliated” member of the commission, not only voted with the Democrats in a 6-5 decision on Tuesday to approve new maps, but also voted with the Democrats to not allow a minority report that would have given the state Supreme Court access to another map that Republicans crafted Monday afternoon.

If Carrera was playing fair he would have allowed both post-deadline maps to be considered - or neither. Commission staff may have sent out the emails that contained the deadlines, but as the chairman, Carrera has the ultimate say and discretion in what is - or is not - considered. He showed his bias in allowing one map and not the other.

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Carrera showed a bias in Colo. legislative map flap, 5.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings
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  • Post by Kelly Maher on November 30th, 2011

One Response to “Carrera showed a bias in Colo. legislative map flap”

  1. denny says:

    Typical liberal tactics. Time to clean house.

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