This morning at a town hall hosted by local radio talk show host Sunny Roseman, Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper not-so-subtly criticized the Colorado Reapportionment Commission, the maps of which (proposed by Democrats) have been approved by the state Supreme Court.

“I think a little more time and a little more process would have gotten us a better result,” said Hickenlooper, a Democrat. “And where you have so many good people that are gonna have to go through primaries against each other, or look at some new place . . . You know again, I’ve tried to build relationships with as many Republicans as I have Democrats in the legislature.”

Then later:

“No one runs for these offices…I’ll make this short, no one runs for these offices to make the kind of cuts that we did but in the end our general assembly. The Senate and the Statehouse, state Senate and Statehouse, approved our budget with 80 out of 100 votes. No one else is doing that anywhere in the country. Right? And that says a lot about Colorado. I think that the bitterness of, I think the Democrats could have had, you know, I think there was a way to do it without creating all those primaries. And I was disappointed. Some of the people that I enjoy working with are probably not going to be able to stay in the legislature.”

The Denver Post reported yesterday that the Supreme Court approved the new Senate and House maps, submitted last week, despite the fact the process was strongly questioned by many (including WhoSaidYouSaid.) Even The Post editorialized against the end of the process. The Colorado State Supreme Court came out with the order approving the maps submitted in a late-night proposal by Democrats in a deadline extension that was not offered to Republicans.

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