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WhoSaidYouSaid presents video and commentary on politics, people and policy. It is a project of Citizen Media, a non-profit organization based in Colorado that launched WhoSaidYouSaid in 2009. Contact us at [email protected]. Here’s our privacy policy.


Joshua Sharf

Joshua Sharf joins WhoSaidYouSaid from his own blog View From a Height, and has also blogged at, and He has been both a co-host and producer for Denver’s Backbone Radio, creating a number of popular Backbone Business segments for the show.

He also serves on the Colorado Jewish Advisory Board to the Romney 2012 Presidential Campaign.

Joshua moved to Denver in 1997 from his hometown of Washington, D.C., after a career as a defense an intelligence analyst for an alphabet soup of beltway bandits. Joshua ran for the Colorado State House of Representatives in both 2008 and 2010, and served as the Denver Republicans’ 1st Vice Chairman from 2009 - 2011.

A BS in Physics from the University of Virginia, and an MBA and MS in Finance from the University of Denver, have left Joshua, in the words of one friend, “freakishly overeducated,” and he continues to earn his living as a web developer for Werner Enterprises.

Joshua lives with his wife Susie and their two dogs Abby and Cobalt.

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