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A jaw-dropping disclosure in Colorado Springs

By | May 29th, 2011

ABC News, CNN and The Denver Post, to name a few, piled on Colorado Springs as an example of the dark days that descend when taxes aren’t hiked and city services must be cut. WhoSaidYouSaid wrote about this a year ago in a post titled, “The self-reliance of Colorado Springs.”

Now it turns out there was more - much more - to the story. An editorial in Friday’s Colorado Springs Gazette titled, “City manager ordered bad national press” is based on an interview with Sue Skiffington-Blumberg, the city’s public relations chief, who worked for Penny Culbreth-Graft, the city manager who resigned her post in April 2010.

“After much probing by us, it became clear that Skiffington-Blumberg was given direct orders, after the defeat of the proposed tax increase [in 2009], to tell the outside media about the most negative aspects of Colorado Springs,” according to the newspaper.

Culbreth-Graft’s side of this story has not yet been reported. But it should be. Taxpayers in Colorado Springs should know the full story if employees on the city payroll were intentionally undermining the city’s image in the media.

A more balanced local TV news report from November 2010 [see above] indicated that the city’s finances are improved. And Skiffington-Blumberg (now under the guidance of interim city manager Steve Cox) touted to the Gazette an $18.6 million surplus.

Happy Days are here again? Or perhaps they weren’t so dire to begin with…

h/t CompleteColorado

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